Oakie Creative Director


Oakie is independently owned and based in South Queensland, the same hood as us. Oakie wants to give back and this is their little way of saying a simple 'thank you' to the generous Earth for giving us much in return. Creations being better for you and your skin, whilst being environmentally friendly and affordable.

Quality fashion Queensland


Bianca Hemsley collection






The designer personally seeks the materials in their rawest forms to provide you with the most luxurious linens, cottons and hemps. Once Bianca is happy, she then personally passes it onto her lovely team of ethical sewers who start the next chapter of the process.



The Creative Director is all hands-on when it comes to all stages of Oakie from creating the designs to hand choosing the buttons ... you name it, she is there!

“I enjoy taking part in all stages of the process.  I want to know everything that goes on in the life of Oakie. The more involved and hands-on I am, the better."  (Bianca Hemsley - Creative Director and Designer)

Oakie’s aim is to help widen peoples understanding for what it really means to wear sustainable and ethical clothing. It's being kind, clever and helpful on our planet. When it comes down to it, Earth is our only resource, where would you be without it? This is just the beginning for Oakie.  They are constantly sourcing ways they can turn your favourite eco-friendly fabrics into unique and edgy designs that will last you forever.


They believe the biggest smiles live a simplistic, natural and pure life. Oakie wants to encourage the same for you - wake up earlier, enjoy the sunrise, adventure and appreciate the little things.

Fast fashion? No thank you! We are slow and thoughtful.  We take our time and we are all about that quality! Wouldn't have it any other way!


With their contrasts of warm and earthy tones combined with purely raw, unique and edgy creations, let Oakie style you and live the Oakie style!