Weddings are, for the most part, days you wish to remember for a lifetime- moments like clinks of champagne glasses, nervous giggles between bridesmaids and rustles of the bouquet as it’s thrown over the bride’s shoulder. This is why we love dried florals, they last forever and serve as a heartwarming reminder of the best day of your life! Our adoration for them, however, surpasses their longevity and beauty… read on to learn why we, and our happy couples have opted for dried over fresh wedding arrangements. 

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Minimal Wastage 

Any floral arrangement comes with an element of excess, where stems or leaves are leftover after your beautiful bouquets have been built. The unfortunate consequence of fresh flowers is that, unless another arrangement can be immediately created and sold, these excess stems tend to go to waste. 

Thankfully, dried flowers don’t have an expiration date, so any remaining pieces can be saved and put to good use when the time is right. This means your wedding florals are essentially waste free, and a far more environmentally friendly alternative! An additional benefit of minimal waste lends to affordability; a couple’s floral budget can go far further with dried flowers and they are a far more cost-effective option. 

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Set and Forget 

Any bride or groom could do with a little less stress when organising a wedding, which is another reason why we love dried florals. Unlike dried and preserved arrangements, there are many factors to consider when ordering fresh - the season, availability and refrigeration all affecting whether your dream bouquet can be achieved. 

With dried flowers, everything (in 2022) can be ordered well in advance and it’s far easier to predict availability so you can set and forget. Imagine your wedding flowers being the easiest part of the day to organise… what a dream! They’re also easily transported to and from your wedding venue as they don’t require refrigeration; in fact, they can even be dropped off in advance so you can tick off at least one thing from the “on the day to-do list”. 

Locally Grown 

At Gather, we are proud to use predominantly local flowers and greenery, which is so important in today’s floral industry. The majority of fresh flowers are sourced from overseas with completely different regulations, leading to inexplicable amounts of pesticides and chemicals used in their production. By choosing to adorn your wedding with dried florals, you are supporting Australian businesses and opting for a more natural wedding accessory. 

Re-use, Re-gift, Recycle! 

Now, our favourite thing of all about dried flowers - the endless uses! If you’d like to keep your arrangements together to preserve your memory of the day, they’ll last for many years over. Better yet, if placed in a beautiful vase they can be used as centrepieces for special events or around the house to compliment your decor. The arbour pieces can even be attached to the wall or suspended from ceilings. They really are the flowers that keep on giving!


bride dried flowers


If you feel like getting creative, you could even pull them apart and re-create arrangements to better suit your home. Think of it as giving your flowers a new life, or celebrating this exciting, new post-wedding chapter. 

If you’re beginning to put the pieces of your wedding day together and have taken an interest in dried flowers, visit us in store or browse our selection of wedding bouquets at

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