From handcrafted ceramics, sustainable and handmade rattan furniture, greenery, dried floral and other peerless eye catching creations, Gather is filled with inspiring and unique bits and bobs made by talented creatives, majority being local.

The feeling of entering the unique GATHER bricks and mortar store is often explained as wondrous, a phenomenal experience within itself and an enlightening joy for the eyesight and other senses to take in.

Recognised as a space for gathering inspiration with it's enthralling art and captivating flower arrangements covering the walls and ceilings, even your very own DIY dried flower bar where you can play and pick your own floral creations. A mini nursery full of rare and lush greens, the table tops and shelves are filled with quirky, handmade ceramics, natural products, sustainable clothing and the rest, all whilst warm lingering scents and soft melodies play.

GATHER is a space that strives to support independent, like minded businesses that align with their ethos of handmade, shop small and shop local. The majority of products are sustainable, ethical and Australian made - it's important to know where your money is going. In a world where consumers have so many options, the stores owners and curators wanted to create an environment where whatever it is you choose to purchase is going towards supporting a better tomorrow for the people and the planet. 


'We love our local creators and we wouldn't be here without them.  We are constantly sourcing and taking on new and amazing creatives. This is where Gather Market Place has come in, to help make it easier to showcase and sell independent creations on a busy and recognised platform - welcoming like minded creatives from anywhere around Australia.' (Jan Hogg Co-Owner)
If you or a friend fits the GATHER ethos, please email us at - we'd love to hear from you xx