You think of rattan furniture and you envisage days lounging around in the tropics and dreamy days of the ’70s with flower power babes. The material evokes memories of slower days in a slower place and time.

Rattan Furniture Australia

The Frankie | Day Bed | Rattan Furniture

In recent years, rattan has been a hero of the boho lux vibe and is known to bring the outdoors in. Seen centre stage in many a big white room dripping with plants and crystals.

  • Not only is rattan furniture a great way to bring a casual lux vibe to your home, but it is also an exceptionally sustainable wood.
  • Rattan is the quickest developing tropical wood that can be totally renewed in only five years.
  • Rattan belongs to the palm family and grows mainly in Southeast Asia.

Grown in tropical flood plains or as a palm vine dependant on other forest trees which means there is an incentive to maintain established forests, thus decreasing deforestation.

In a time where conscious shopping should be a top priority, rattan is an eco choice that is a renewable resource, recyclable and requires low impact production.

Using ancient low tech production methods means production requires very few chemicals and energy.

The more we look at using low tech, sustainable materials the growth in demand for unsustainable products decreases.

Moving into the new decade, may we all endeavour to fill our homes and lives with objects that are smart choices. Make days spent lounging in a slower time count on your rattan furniture.