• Dried Flower Trends You Will Be Seeing in 2023

    Ticking off things on your wedding to-do list can never start soon enough! With the last quarter of the year marching over the spring horizon, GATHER has noticed the best wedding bouquet trends for next year and wants the chance to bring them to your attention because they are pretty darn cool.

    Some of these trends will come as no surprise to a few brides-to-be out there, and some will astonish even the most on-point wedding planner. As dried flowers become the floral decor of choice for anyone with an eye to sustainability and eco-consciousness, it must be noted that even dried flowers have easy-to-follow bridal trends.

    So without further chat, let’s get down to reporting on the hot wedding bouquet dried flower trends for 2023.

    Pastels & Green Foliage

    Pastels are usually associated with dried flower wedding bouquets, and we have the most beautiful range of pastel pinks, blues, golds, and greys on selection at GATHER. To put a 2023 twist on things though, is to mix pastels with green. 

    Dried floral wedding bouquets come to life when a dark green or vibrant multi-tonal grey-green is added to the mix. Not only does this combination bring a natural organic flair to the arrangement, but the rich verdant colours give great contrast to pastels.

    Tip: Best leaves to bring vibrant green colour to a dried flower bridal bouquet are dried palm leaves. If you have a particular shade of green you want matched, please contact us.


    Pops of Colour

    Stunning colour pops are not usually associated with bridal bouquets, but it is a wedding theme trend that is set to take over in 2023. 

    It seems like we have been living in an age of neutrals for a long time now, so it’s entirely understandable that we move away from neutral shades to more eye-catching colours. However, with bridal themes, it is always best to add brighter colours with a light hand.

    The most popular dried flower colours to add to whites, neutrals, and creams in 2023 are gemstone tones: rust, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Matching the colour pop to the engagement ring is also going to be hugely popular.

    Tip: You can do it either way - bring us the colour you want for your dried flower bridal bouquet or base your theme around the flower of your choice.


    Dried flowers as guest gifts

    Dried flowers have almost taken over as the interior decoration of choice, and it’s easy to see why: dried flowers have an almost zero carbon footprint because they are so light to transport; they are long lasting; they are intensely beautiful and part of our proud Australian heritage.

    Brides are making the changeover to dried flower wedding bouquets, but so are wedding planners. This is because dried flower decor makes the perfect thank you gifts for bridesmaids and guests. Just remember to tell everyone they can take them home as mementoes.

    Items that lend themselves to wedding day keepsakes are boutonnieres, place holders, napkin rings, bridal party hair decorations, and floral arrangements for pews.

    Tip: Menus and wedding service sheets can be handwritten on homemade paper embedded with flower or herb seeds. Another cute trend is to have a scroll of handmade parchment hidden inside the bridal bouquet with your wedding vows written on it.


    Confetti or Compost?

    Yes, you read that right! The new confetti that’s taking the bridal sphere by storm is compostable. No wedding can call itself environmentally conscious unless the confetti comes from sustainable sources.

    We’ve moved so far from the wasteful practice of throwing rice down the bride’s neck because thankfully most wedding themes have changed over to 100% biodegradable confetti. Think dried rose petals, dried flower petals, and dried gum leaves. Totally sustainable and totally Aus-inspired. 

    Tip: Before you throw anything at the newly wedded couple after their wedding, make sure it’s been cleared with the venue first.


    So, what do you think about our pick of dried flower wedding bouquets and wedding flowers trends for 2023? Let us know when you book a GATHER dried flower arrangement for your special day which trend you like the most. 

    Posted by Arik Levi
  • GATHER Re-planted


    GATHER is super stoked to announce that our temporary new space is all set up and packed to the brim with all kinds of hand crafted goodies and good vibes! The new space is just a three minute walk from our old spot - we couldn't move too far from our favourite coffee shop (the ever inspiring and always inviting Dust Temple).  New locally made clay pieces and plant babies, beautiful dried flower bouquets and brilliant artworks fill the space, waiting to be that perfect gift or unique addition to your home.

    We are enjoying sharing the space with Pete Mengler, expert chocolate craftsman and owner of the Cravve Chocolate Gallery just next door. Cravve's range includes vegan, dairy-free, keto, paleo and sugar free treats made with ethically sourced cacao from small lot owners around the world! Seasonal fruit from the Mengler's own farm also goes into making the delicious edible art and snacks.

    Upstairs, local indigenous Australian artist Michael Phillips uses his extraordinary talents to paint stories inspired by his life, culture, family and the things he holds sacred. His paintings represent concepts, experiences and feelings small and big that many people can relate to.

    Right next door, the team of professionals at the Right Hand Tattoo Co. create artwork of their own. The tattoo studio has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and each member of the team has a unique style and skill set. Just across the way you can find delicious fresh food and coffee at Sumptuous Fine Foods, full of a diverse range of locally grown meals and snacks as well as Artilis Studios a creative workshop space for artists young and old.

    At our new space, we are once again surrounded by talented people who take pride in their work and inspire us every day. We continue to replenish our store with handpicked pieces from local artists and combined with the sunshine, plants and breeze the space has a relaxed and happy atmosphere. We encourage you to stop in and have a look at the new shop, pick up a coffee and a snack from our neighbours and let us know what you think.  We've missed your smiling faces.

    GATHER re-planted to shop 8/32 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin, QLD 4223.


    Written by Maia Smyth

    Posted by Jan Hogg
  • Win Your Wedding Flowers Back! Whose in to Win?

    Check out the latest submissions to our 2022 promo to 'Win Your Wedding Flowers Back'.  From rainforest weddings with Ceremony of Flowers to beachside and church weddings, check out our dried wedding flowers in action.  What's your favourite?







    We met at his cousins house warming party.  I didn't really like him at the start but we grew on each other quick ... ha, ha!



    I had decided I wanted dried flowers and did a google search of any brands in Australia.  GATHER came up.  I told my Maid of Honour and she said there was a store just around the corner from her house.  It was meant to be!  I live in VIC.  Flew up, saw her and the flowers.

    ON THE DAY ...

    We had 30 people on a rural farm .  It was relaxed with all of our favourite people. The stand out moment was my husband's reaction to see me - he made everyone else cry.  Pure beauty.


    Hot tip!  Have good people with good energy helping you on the morning.  I was carefree having the time of my life.  Make up artist and hair stylists were so chilled.


    My husband is my safe place.  I can truely be myself with no judgement.  A love that is truely unconditional.  We live in our own house with our sausage dog but I cannot wait to include tiny humans.



    CHRISTY + 







    We met when I was 13 and he was 15 when his little sister invited me over for a swim (I literally rode over on a white pony in a bikini).



    We decided after family illness and Covid delays to just book it! We started booking it all in on New Years Day to get married on 22.02.22.  We went up to Cairns (praying it didn't rain us out but in reality, Brisbane has been inundated and in crisis!)

    ON THE DAY ...

    It was absolutely PERFECT! Great weather, the mozzies held off, catering was amazing and honestly, it was the BEST day ever!


    We wanted it to more then one day or a few hours and we wanted to show our friends and family a place we absolutely LOVE - Cairns (it was my 55yr old mum's first flight!). The next day we went to the reef with my nan (75), mum and our kids.


    The photos! We can't wait to have the pictures to really visually look back and have for many years as a keepsake. I married my best friend in the most incredible rainforest setting! My absolute dream day!


    Posted by Jan Hogg
  • The Most Beautiful Flowers Worldwide

    Written by Kyla Stewart


    Flowers are the purest symbol of natural beauty. With over 400,000 types of flowering plants in the world and endless subspecies, we’re fortunate to call this fantastic planet home. 

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or want to capture a piece of this beauty at home, here are some of the most beautiful flowers worldwide to consider. 


    While lavender has become relatively commonplace, that doesn’t negate it's inherent beauty. These delicate violet stalks are amazing to behold, especially when swaying together in an endless field. 

    In addition to being beautiful, lavender is one of the most useful and versatile plants. Lavender epitomises the healing power of flowers. The subtle aroma is proven to positively impact stress and anxiety levels and is often used in aromatherapy for that purpose. This bloom is also easy to dry and turn into a long-lasting floral arrangement or potpourri. 


    The lotus flower is perhaps the most symbolic bloom in history. This beautiful water lily is held dear in Eastern religions and symbolises purity and enlightenment. It’s no wonder that so many wellness brands use this flower to symbolise what they offer. 

    While the bloom itself is lovely, there’s something extra captivating about the fact that it grows in the water. The petals also open one by one, adding to the mystery of this world-famous flower.



    Magnolias are one of the most ancient species of flowers that still bloom today. These blooms predate the evolution of bees and are believed to be the reason beetles evolved to become pollinators. While these blooms look delicate, they’re quite tough to protect the plant from damage caused by beetles’ abrasive legs. 

    Unlike other flowers on this list, magnolias grow on a tree rather than individual stalks. While they’re relatively easy to grow and care for, their flowering period is fleeting. Perhaps it’s the short period of enjoyment that makes these petals so beautiful. 



    Bat Flower

    While it seems counterintuitive that a flower named after bats could be beautiful, these exotic florals are enchanting. These dark blossoms are endemic to Southeast Asia, getting their name for their bat-like shape. This unusual flower grows to be a foot in diameter, with whiskers growing up to two feet long. 

    While the bat flower is typically black, there’s a rare strain of white blooms with bright purple whiskers that’s otherworldly. If you live in a cold climate, you can grow this perennial flower indoors with some extra TLC. 

    Lady Slipper

    The lady slipper is an endangered bloom that’s native to Eastern Canada. What makes this rare, protected flower even more beautiful is that you can often find plenty growing deep in the wooded trails in Nova Scotia

    This subspecies of orchid is named for its appearance, which is reminiscent of a ballet slipper. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across this bloom, look but don’t touch. 


    White Egret Orchid

    Did you know that some flowers take on a bird-like appearance to deter predatory insects? The white egret orchid is one such bloom. This frilly flower looks like a white dove gently landing on a branch. Typically found in Northeast Asia, this flower is difficult to grow in Western gardens but thrives indoors. 

    Nature is full of mysteries. As you look at these incredible florals, take some time to appreciate the science behind their appearance; that’s perhaps the most beautiful aspect of all. 


    Posted by Jan Hogg
  • Our Wedding Flower Consultations

    Planning your wedding is both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many things to consider and decisions that need to be made. That's where GATHER comes to the rescue! We are here to help you make the right decisions with your wedding flowers for your big day to make all your dreams for the perfect day a reality ...
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