Dried flower revolution

Gone are the days of thinking only of dried flowers gathering dust at Nana’s house … think sun drenched tones and a variety of textures!

Dried blooms are making their mark on the global floral scene and more and more dried flower weddings are popping up. They are loved not only for their wild colours and unique visual appeal but for their hardiness and longevity. Imagine ethereal grasses, seed pods and dried leaves popping from bouquets, centrepieces and hanging installations.


beautiful dried flowers

We are proud of our flower powers and commitment to flower play and are excited to be a part of the dried flower revolution.

Working closely with Australian farmers to ensure we are a part of ‘The Slow Flower’ movement, we use native species that enhance our countries biodiversity and encourage pollination. Using native flowers means there is no need for nasty sprays and chemicals that not only harm florist but our soils. Australian native flowers are resilient and tough and can be grown easily on our island.


Dried flower

Unfortunately the flower industry in our country imports up to $70 million worth of flowers every year from as far away as South Africa. As with choosing your food, choosing your flowers from near is a good idea too.

Doom and gloom aside, dried flowers rock. They rock because …

  • they last for years and years on end
  • they save you money as far fewer purchases
  • can be re-gifted and re-used
  • don’t wither and die in hot conditions - ideal for use at weddings or commercial fit outs
  • can withstand heat and be used outdoors for stying at events
  • are an everlasting keepsake from special occasions
  • kind to mother earth / eco floristry
  • are unique and a modern visual
  • easy to use for DIY weddings

We endeavour to use natures discards and everlasting blooms to colour our lives and provide magic moments. Making big days slow days and kind days too.



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