Ticking off things on your wedding to-do list can never start soon enough! With the last quarter of the year marching over the spring horizon, GATHER has noticed the best wedding bouquet trends for next year and wants the chance to bring them to your attention because they are pretty darn cool.

Some of these trends will come as no surprise to a few brides-to-be out there, and some will astonish even the most on-point wedding planner. As dried flowers become the floral decor of choice for anyone with an eye to sustainability and eco-consciousness, it must be noted that even dried flowers have easy-to-follow bridal trends.

So without further chat, let’s get down to reporting on the hot wedding bouquet dried flower trends for 2023.

Pastels & Green Foliage

Pastels are usually associated with dried flower wedding bouquets, and we have the most beautiful range of pastel pinks, blues, golds, and greys on selection at GATHER. To put a 2023 twist on things though, is to mix pastels with green. 

Dried floral wedding bouquets come to life when a dark green or vibrant multi-tonal grey-green is added to the mix. Not only does this combination bring a natural organic flair to the arrangement, but the rich verdant colours give great contrast to pastels.

Tip: Best leaves to bring vibrant green colour to a dried flower bridal bouquet are dried palm leaves. If you have a particular shade of green you want matched, please contact us.


Pops of Colour

Stunning colour pops are not usually associated with bridal bouquets, but it is a wedding theme trend that is set to take over in 2023. 

It seems like we have been living in an age of neutrals for a long time now, so it’s entirely understandable that we move away from neutral shades to more eye-catching colours. However, with bridal themes, it is always best to add brighter colours with a light hand.

The most popular dried flower colours to add to whites, neutrals, and creams in 2023 are gemstone tones: rust, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Matching the colour pop to the engagement ring is also going to be hugely popular.

Tip: You can do it either way - bring us the colour you want for your dried flower bridal bouquet or base your theme around the flower of your choice.


Dried flowers as guest gifts

Dried flowers have almost taken over as the interior decoration of choice, and it’s easy to see why: dried flowers have an almost zero carbon footprint because they are so light to transport; they are long lasting; they are intensely beautiful and part of our proud Australian heritage.

Brides are making the changeover to dried flower wedding bouquets, but so are wedding planners. This is because dried flower decor makes the perfect thank you gifts for bridesmaids and guests. Just remember to tell everyone they can take them home as mementoes.

Items that lend themselves to wedding day keepsakes are boutonnieres, place holders, napkin rings, bridal party hair decorations, and floral arrangements for pews.

Tip: Menus and wedding service sheets can be handwritten on homemade paper embedded with flower or herb seeds. Another cute trend is to have a scroll of handmade parchment hidden inside the bridal bouquet with your wedding vows written on it.


Confetti or Compost?

Yes, you read that right! The new confetti that’s taking the bridal sphere by storm is compostable. No wedding can call itself environmentally conscious unless the confetti comes from sustainable sources.

We’ve moved so far from the wasteful practice of throwing rice down the bride’s neck because thankfully most wedding themes have changed over to 100% biodegradable confetti. Think dried rose petals, dried flower petals, and dried gum leaves. Totally sustainable and totally Aus-inspired. 

Tip: Before you throw anything at the newly wedded couple after their wedding, make sure it’s been cleared with the venue first.


So, what do you think about our pick of dried flower wedding bouquets and wedding flowers trends for 2023? Let us know when you book a GATHER dried flower arrangement for your special day which trend you like the most.