There is no denying the last decade saw the resurgence of indoor plants. Plant nerds everywhere filling their urban apartments to the roof with rare and wonderful foliage and commercial spaces teeming with green tendrils. People transforming their bathrooms and living rooms into propagating greenhouses and bidding on rare variegated species online like they were Gucci handbags. The beautiful thing about the consumer and plant relationship is the everlasting capacity of a plant friend. The teachings embodied in growing something and nurturing it daily are invaluable.

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Indoor garden shops popped up all over the globe and interior trends leaning into the green. Those in the know always know the next sought after plant, and gather new green friends like they are collectables.

The New York Times declared the last decade belonged "…undeniably to the fiddle leaf fig" in an article titled 'Have to Have it Houseplants’.

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It seems everything good really does come back into trend again and again. Indoor gardening had it’s initial hay day back in the 70’s.  The first-ever ‘Earth Day’ marked the beginning of people filling their homes with African violets, philodendrons, ferns, palms and spider plants.

The 80’s saw malls filled with giant rainforest-like interior gardens and the 90’s saw the unfortunate rise of man made manufactured fake plants … only the orchid managed to stick around with interior trends looking for more sophisticated lines and easy care plants. This saw a stint where plants were nowhere to be seen - it was all frills, animal prints, neon signs and floral adorned everything. It’s safe to say, we are glad those days are gone and we can retreat in our nature filled homes.


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Mudhavi | Zigzag Stumpaloompa Planter


The benefits of houseplants in the home are surely enough to keep them around for the next decade and beyond. Having house plants have been proven to improve concentration and productivity by up to 15% and reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Not to mention their super power of air purification whilst reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity and reducing pollutants. Say no more really “Indoor Plants for the win!” They really are a friend with benefits! 

The only question now is which plant will be the next sought after species? Our bets are on anything weird and colourful with a striking leaf. 

dried flowers and a tiny cactus