Gather’s dried flowers explore the ideas of longevity and sustainability with impressive flower art authentically inspired and created on a daily basis.  Stretching the boundaries of traditional floral design, the Gather team support locally grown botanicals, working with Australian farmers who grow exquisite and undeniably beautiful native wildflowers, helping to keep their footprint light and support local economies and small business along the way.

The experienced floral team fuse dried and delicately dyed and preserved flowers and contrasting foliage with unexpected natural ingredients such as peach hakea branches, cotton stems to dried palms in soft shades of beige and olive green.  Playing with pastel shades of blush pinks and apricots, rusts and warm mustards to passionate, confident and fiery reds, the creative engines at Gather are continuously evolving.  New dried flower bouquets designs are added to the ever evolving ecommerce online store each and every week. 


amazing dried flowers collections

The online store working in conjunction with the bricks and mortar space allows the team to send their dried flower masterpieces including everyday dried flower bouquets to dried wedding stories all across Australia.  Dried flowers Melbourne.  Dried flowers Sydney.  Dried wedding flowers Brisbane.  Dried wedding flowers Adelaide and Perth.  And yes, dried flowers Kirirrukura if you choose to live in a remote town in the Australian outback.  

Dried flower and vessel combos are recent additions to Gather’s online store and have been incredibly well received as well as large statement pieces aimed at the corporate market.  Unique handmade palm baskets housing native floral arrangements such as the Holiday House or if chasing a more coastal vibe, the Palm Beach in white tones might be more suited.  All the hard work has been done and these long lasting beauties are perfect for owners of air BnB’s or hotel/motel accommodation.  No need to water and replace each week - they are the flowers that just keep on giving.  The most important thing to remember is to keep them out of direct sunlight and they will require a dust off every now and then to keep them looking fabulous.

It must also be noted that Gather are the leading dried wedding flower specialists in Australia creating romantic dried flower bouquets … memorable wedding stories from understated minimalist designs such as Desert Dust to rambling and wild romantic stories such as Wild Woods or Cara Mellow.  If you are more of a coastal bride, Mykonos Days might be more your vibe or an understated and chic Aphrodite.  Hooray Mag bridal endorse Gathers bridal collection with their Editor Emily Coates purchasing a number of bouquets from the Everyday Bouquet collection for a home styling event.


dried flower bridal bouquets

Photo courtesy of @emmafosteportraits

Also worthy of mentioning is the fact that Gather’s dried wedding flowers can be re-purposed and enjoyed long-term.  Get this. Not only can the bride and groom enjoy their floral creations for their big day but they can, and most importantly, enjoy their wedding flowers for years after the big event.  Imagine being able to use dried flower wedding table centrepieces as a piece of wall art above a bed or in a living room!  A most precious and memorable keepsake for all newly weds from their big day.

Housing the first dried flower bar in Australia, the Gather bricks and mortar store situated at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Currumbin is a sensory packed space where all your dried flower dreams literally do come true.  You can pick out your favourite ingredients and let one of the team do the floral arranging magic for you or of course, you can stay and play and make your very own for a creative and unforgettable day out.   It must also be mentioned that Gather store is located right next door to the ‘fearlessly creative’ Dust Temple cafe and art gallery - a curious industrial space totally worthy of a visit on it’s own accord.  The two spaces are linked by an outdoor green space filled with outdoor patio plants and hanging lantern lights and rustic treasures from yesteryear. 


massive dried flower bouquet for a wedding

Gather’s bricks and mortar store also showcases a number of their popular dried wedding flower creations so locals or interstate visitors can come and play bride to be and check out the size and colours in the flesh but ultimately, it’s all about shopping online and the convenience of doing that from the comforts of your own home.  If you have a wedding ‘to do’ list as long as it takes a 15 year old teenager to clean their room, how convenient is it to order your wedding flowers online?  The floral treasures will arrive in tasteful but sturdy boxes, where one busy bride to be can set to one side and forget about until the big event.  No need to refrigerate for fear of wilting, these robust beauties will work in with brides and their busy plans.  They can even be ordered months ahead of the big day - it takes all the stress away!

From legendary local growers to floral design freaks who work with passion and undoubted mastery of their craft, Gather is entrenched in the dried flower revolution that has affected the way we look at beauty and consumption.  Gather are mindful of where their products come from and so too are their customers.   The process of drying, dyeing and storing flowers allows for year long solutions to seasonal supplies the fresh flower world continuously has to deal with.  This also allows for maximum year long inspiration and boundary free creations. 

Jump online and check out their latest creations - we just know you’ll be drooling over something in no time.