“GATHER” means it’s owners, employees and representatives.

“Customer” means any person who requests GATHER to hire to them.


These Terms and Conditions of Hire apply to all hires by GATHER to each Customer.  

No variation or cancellation of any of these conditions of hire will be binding on GATHER unless agreed to in writing.


The Customer must pay a non-refundable 30% deposit immediately upon confirmation before GATHER will proceed with the official order.  

Full payment of the order is due fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The 30% is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Upon payment of this deposit, the Customer will have been deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Hire.


The Customer’s credit card details are to be provided at the time of booking the Equipment as a security bond for all items hired by the customer.

The Customer agrees to pay GATHER’S hire charge and any other charges including charges for loss, damage and repairs or any other expenses paid or payable by GATHER.

GATHER has the right to request and pre-authorise a valid credit card number in the event of loss and/or damages to the hire Equipment and/or Labour required to carry out the delivery or pick up. 

GATHER reserves the right to pre-authorise the card provided and release the funds after the event or charge the card in the event of loss, damages and additional costs associated with the booking. 

This amount will be released in full within 10 days following the event, providing the items are returned in their original condition, and no additional charges apply.

Fee charged under $500 pre-authorisation amount of $200

Fee charged under $1000 pre-authorisation amount of $300

Fee charged under $2000 pre-authorisation amount of $400

Fee charged under $3000 pre-authorisation amount of $500

If the additional charges exceed the pre-authorised amount, GATHER reserves the right to charge the balance owing on the credit card provided however, GATHER must notify the Customer in writing.  

In the event the Customer is non-compliant or non-responsive, the additional charges can be made, as per acceptance of GATHER’S Terms and Conditions at the time of booking.


Cancellations that are made more than fourteen (14) days from delivery will receive a refund of any funds remitted, excluding the booking deposit.

Cancelled bookings within fourteen (14) days from the event date incur a 100% cancellation fee due to loss of opportunity. 

If the booking is postponed on more than one occasion, a full cancellation fee will apply.


The hire period is for one to three (1-3) days from the time of collection, unless agreed upon mutually in writing by both parties.

Failure to return the Equipment will incur a daily charge for the Equipment for any days beyond the agreed hire period. 

Any additional charges incurred may be charged to a credit card or invoiced. 


The Customer shall solely be responsible to ensure that the site is cleared and ready for the erection of the Equipment and that the foundations upon which the Equipment is to be erected are sufficiently firm and otherwise suitable to safely carry the Equipment and the load to be put on it without subsidence. 

In the event that GATHER incurs or suffers any loss, costs or damages as a consequence of the Customer's failure to carry out it’s obligations under these 

terms, the Customer shall be solely responsible and shall indemnify GATHER for any such loss, costs or damages.


The Customer is responsible for the security of the Equipment until such time as it is returned to GATHER and receives such notification, the hiring charges will continue.


The Customer is responsible for taking care when handling Equipment and is also responsible for informing other parties about GATHER’S Terms and Conditions of Hire.


GATHER must be notified immediately regarding any Equipment lost or damaged during the hire period. The Customer must pay on demand to GATHER the following amounts:

      1. If the Equipment is lost, the Customer must pay to GATHER the current replacement cost of the Equipment;
      2. If the Equipment is damaged, the Customer must pay for all repairs
      3. The Customer agrees to pay full replacement costs for any Equipment lost or considered by GATHER as being irreparably damaged.  Such payment shall be made by the Customer within seven (7) days of such loss or damage coming to the attention of the Company. In the event payment is not made within the seven  (7) day period, GATHER has the right to charge the account details provided.  


GATHER will not be liable for any damages caused by it's Equipment.  This includes but is not limited to walls, floors, doors, windows, stairs, furniture, fixtures, fittings, artworks and landscaping.