We travel around Australia to gather the best dried flowers we can find, always working closely with our passionate farmers. Together with our growers inspired by nature and trends, we aim to make our flowers unique and contemporary. With respect to the rhythms of the earth and seasonality, we fill our flower bar with as many special species as we can. Product variation does occur at times due to seasonality, different suppliers and working with natural products but we always aim to stay true to the essence of each bouquet depicted on our website.

Every spray of dried flowers used in a GATHER everyday bouquet was selected and hand picked by us. We love travelling around and visiting Australia’s most prolific and passionate flower farmers. It’s these amazing growers who influence our uniquely contemporary flower bouquets – ones that will imprint their beauty and originality on your memory forever.

We are inspired by nature and driven by the trend away from the boring, the predictable and the unsustainable.

What does a one-of-a-kind GATHER bouquet signify to the recipient? It represents the rhythms of the earth, the passing of the seasons, and the celebration of special occasions. Or it could just mean that you love them!


The GATHER dried flower bar is a very special place – full of distinctively beautiful flower species that have been carefully cultivated and picked according to the most opportune moment in their life cycle.

At GATHER, we guarantee our super-special dried flower arrangements will arrive to brighten the day of whoever receives it. Our bouquets can range from arrestingly gorgeous flower shades with points of bright colour to subtly simple, pastel prettiness. The happy memory created by a GATHER bouquet lasts as long as the flowers themselves – for a number of years.

Feel free to gift one of our bouquets to someone in your thoughts today, or grab a gift card. Our bouquets can be customised to be a single-flower bunch, or mix them up according to colour or type. You can also make up your own bunch or purchase a bulk flower box for a special event. Our bulk flower boxes lend themselves perfectly to planning your event’s decor in advance, or for just doing some free-style DIY flower arranging!

The beauty of it all is not just the dried flowers – it’s the practicality of arranging and ordering something that doesn’t just curl up and wither away after a week or so. GATHER everyday bouquets keep on looking as beautiful as the day they arrive for as long as you want to keep them. Truly, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, with no maintenance required apart from keeping out of direct sunlight.

What is so organic about a GATHER everyday dried flower bouquet is that each flower’s journey can be observed. The colours mute and fade ever-so-slightly over time, and this gives you a glimpse of nature’s wonderful life cycle. What can start off as a vibrant russet or perky pink can fade to be a delicate peach or rose colour.

Please note: Even though every GATHER flower is professionally dried, there may still be certain seasonal variations and different biosecurity regulations apply from state to state.  At times, we need to substitute one species for another one of equal beauty and size. We always stay true to the GATHER bouquet template and aesthetic as the one you see in the photograph of the bouquet you select. And as each bouquet is handmade – no two bunches are ever exactly the same.

The time for cookie-cutter, replica, formulaic flower bouquets is over!