Some of the best things on offer in Sydney

Sydney is so much more than just an opera house and harbour. For the 5.2 million or so city inhabitants, it’s a vibrant hub of things to do, people to see, and a whole lot of beauty hidden on top of its famous Blue Mountains.

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Wild Flowers of the GBMWHA Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in Sydney

No dried flower news would be complete without mentioning the exceptional beauty of the wild flowers found on Sydney’s Blue Mountains Range.

We cannot stress enough the importance of not going out and picking wild flowers to dry at home - unless you have permission to do so, of course. There are so many rare and endangered flowers in the greater Sydney area. Unless you know what you are doing, you might accidentally pick a wild flower beaut that turns out to be from a struggling species. It’s far better to buy from a designated dried flower farmer and supplier.

If you love dried flowers in Sydney or want to lay your hands on dried flowers from the Sydney area, there are easier ways to obtain gorgeous Waratahs and other lovely blooms from the Proeteaceae family: you can order them online. In that way, you can rest easy knowing the dried flowers you order have been grown naturally, with an eye for water conservation and plant life preservation.

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How can I be sure the dried flowers I order are not endangered?

It’s comforting to know that a GATHER every day bouquet comprises of carefully cultivated native Australian dried flower species that are not on anyone’s endangered list. Not only that, but some of the most sought after and highly prized dried flowers in Sydney are actually considered to be weeds!

These introduced or noxious flora species grow and thrive in the wild, but find Sydney’s Blue Mountain ranges an especially easy place to put down roots. But where would dried flower bouquets be without the feathery beauty of Pampas grass and pussy willow? They are both categorized as Class 3 weeds, which means they must be fully and continuously (!) suppressed and destroyed. Not only this, but any flower, grass, or bush classified as a Class 3 weed in Australia is not allowed to be sold as a live plant or seed, or willingly or unknowingly sold and distributed!

That means, the only way to legally add these flowers’ textural prettiness to your dried flower arrangements in Sydney is to order yours online. In that way, you know the flora in your arrangements are not a threat to the precious indigenous flower species in Australia.

What’s so special about the Waratah?

Also called Telopea speciosissima, the fire red Waratah is the floral emblem of Sydney and New South Wales, and beloved by Sydneyites all over, whether it’s fresh or dried. There’s a reason why this arrestingly beautiful flower is associated with Sydney in particular. The Telopea genus is specific to Eastern Australia, but the Waratah is exclusive to the Sydney region, only found growing within a 200km radius of the city.

Although the large, brightly coloured, and showy flower comes in other colours, such as cream, white, lemon, and pink, it’s the stunning red tone people think about when they hear the word ‘Waratah.’  In Latin, Telepos translates to ‘see it from far away’ (think telescope), and speciosissima means ‘most beautiful.’ Waratah is the Aboriginal term for the flower. The original inhabitants of the Sydney area found Waratah easy to locate in the Blue Mountains and used its nectar as a refreshing drink.

As part of the Proteaceae tree family, which includes Hakea, Banksia, and Macadamia, these hardy flowering trees are indigenous to the southern hemisphere in Australia and South Africa.

What is inflorescence?

The defining characteristic of the Proteaceae family, inflorescence signifies a very large, eye-catching, and brightly coloured bloom or blossom, made up of dense clusters of smaller flowers packed into a head or on a spike in a compact spiral pattern. This describes the Waratah to a ‘T’, as it measures 7 to 10cm in diameter and its long, woody stems are bedecked with long, dark green, leathery leaves.

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If you want the best dried flowers in Sydney, it has to include a Waratah or other native Blue Mountain flower in there somewhere!

Waratahs lend themselves perfectly to drying, and remain as beautiful when they are dried as they are out in the wild, growing on the tree!

Avoid the chance of picking the wrong wild flowers by ordering a bunch of stunning dried flowers delivered to your doorstep instead. Guaranteed sustainable, eco-friendly, and as Australian as barbecued shrimp!

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