If you are Brisbane-based and a lover of all things dried flower related, we have great news for you!

The stellar GATHER dried flower range of products is now available in your own city. In our quest to supply Brisbanites with the very best Mother Nature has to offer, we have looked both locally and nationally for the most outstandingly beautiful dried and preserved flowers in and around Brisbane.

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Why do the dried flowers in dried flower bouquets vary from season to season?

This is a very good question and one we are pleased to be able to answer for anyone wanting to buy dried flowers in Brisbane.

The dried flowers, branches, and grasses we use in our bouquets might vary due to seasonal changes because we don’t stockpile or over harvest the precious flower field resources from where we get our stock. This is an extremely important part of the dried flower producer’s ethos.

As plentiful as Mother Nature can appear to be, there’s only so much we can harvest and cut from her plants and trees in order to maintain the balance. Because of the popularity of dried flowers as the new way to show you care about the environment, there are a finite number of flower sprays and grasses available at any one time.

This means that the availability of certain dried flowers, grasses, and branches in our Brisbane bouquets are subject to how many were cut and dried during its growing season.

Even better news for all you eco-conscious warriors out there: if we run out of one gorgeous bloom, there’s always another equally beautiful one ready to take its place. It speaks to the seasonality of our natural product and ensures we never resort to importing replacements from overseas. Local is lovely!

Can I still enjoy fresh flowers if I’ve made a commitment to going green?

While there are many folks out and about trying to grow local flowers that don’t need watering or artificial fertilizers, the sad fact is that if the fresh flowers you buy are from a flower farm or even worse, imported from overseas, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it used up precious water and soil resources.

Rather stick to locally produced, Aussie born and bred flowers when looking to decorate your home, office, or special event. Dried, wild flowers and floral items produced by local flower producers tell people what you consider to be beautiful and worthy of a place in your space. And what could be better than a buying bouquet of dried flowers in Brisbane and knowing the seasonality, availability, and quality are unique to your order?

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If the flowers in my dried flower bouquet are subject to availability, how do I know it will look like the one advertised?

 Easy peasy to answer this one! If you visit our website before you order your dried flower delivery in Brisbane, you will notice that some of our seasonal dried flower bouquets have been sold out. This means that all the dried flowers used to create our stunning, original bouquets are out of stock and we have to wait until next season before we can access them again.

This is why, if you have a special event coming up in Brisbane, such as bridal bouquets or wedding celebration, and you need a specific colour or species of dried flower for it, you should begin planning your order as soon as possible. In this way, you can be sure of getting the perfect selection of the spectacular array of dried flowers we have available.

One of a kind dried flower bouquets in Brisbane

Every arrangement is slightly different to the next one for a very good reason. We don’t do cookie cutter or formulaic flower designs. The template is the same, but each bloom is unique to the conditions under which it grew and thrived.

Add to this the fact that we encourage our customers to change or rearrange the flowers to however they want them to be, and you’ll understand why each bouquet might be similar, but no two are ever exactly the same.

We had one customer in Brisbane who really took this to heart. They ordered four dried flower bouquets and then put them all into one big vase when they arrived. And that’s the beauty of dried flowers: the medium gives you the chance to create something truly different, but it will always have a common theme running through the piece...

The theme of Mother Nature’s dried flower beauty.

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