The GATHER team have been busy creating a striking collection of large-scale dried flower arrangements with corporate and business clients in mind.
These beautiful 360 degree dried flower presentations are crafted to give every visitor a unique perspective, no matter which part of the showroom or lobby they are looking from.
The dried flower colours have been specially selected to blend in with and enhance business and corporate settings and decor. Earthy tones, eye-catching bursts of foliage, and subtle textures can integrate with any message or first impression you want your space to send out to customers and clients.
Make your first impression count with a GATHER corporate dried flower arrangement – and keep your clients coming back for more. They can be placed in:
  • Corporate showrooms and HQ
  • Offices – closed and open spaces
  • Receptions and waiting rooms
  • Lobbies and foyers
  • Meeting rooms
Each GATHER dried flower arrangement arrives housed in an elegant matte-white cylindrical vase; the perfect receptacle to set off the flowers’ beauty. A GATHER flower display adds maximum impact and provides some serious ‘wow’ factor.

Why Dried Flowers Are Taking the Business and Corporate Sectors by Storm

Dried Flowers Last Longer and Are Low Maintenance

The biggest benefit of making 2021 the year you change over to dried flower arrangements is the fact they are long-lasting. Our suppliers guarantee us the best quality preservation and colouring techniques. Dried flowers are hardy, light and easy to transport, and a 100% natural product.
A GATHER dried flower arrangement lasts a minimum of one year (depending on what type of flower and colouring technique has been used) and even longer. There’s no shedding, no upkeep, and no need to worry about wilting and water spillage. Compare that to fresh flowers lasting 10 days at best, and you’ll understand why business and corporate floral displays are moving to dried flowers.

Save Water

Dried flowers are the way to go if you want to cut back costs. Conspicuous effort to make a difference is obvious when someone changes over to dried flowers. The message is, ‘water is precious, imported fresh flowers leave a large carbon footprint.”
 The nineties were all about fresh flowers being the focal point of any room and public space. Then things began to change. The noughties saw pot plants and greenery take over, but it was still not good enough; watering and upkeep ate into utilities and budget. 2010 saw minimalism everywhere – it was all about the art work, carpeting, and statue installations. The last few years have seen offices, receptions, and business premises becoming warmer, friendlier places with the strategic placement of naturally elegant dried flower displays.

Dried Flowers for Event Decor and Gifting

Dried flower displays are a must for any event. They can be ordered and placed in advance without fear of withering and dying. Dried flower arrangements are naturally beautiful and integrate organically with any theme and occasion.
Do you have a special client you would like to thank or a large order you would like to recognise? Nothing says ‘thank you for being our customer’ as well as a GATHER dried flower bouquet.

Dried Flowers Are Thoughtful and Kind to the Environment

No plastic, no artificially coloured silk, and no mass production. Just nature’s very own flowers - dried and preserved. It sends the right message, gives a great first impression, and are grown and produced right here in Australia.
Ordering a GATHER dried flower arrangement for your office space, lobby, showroom, or next corporate meeting won’t take much time out of your schedule – it’s simple to order the perfect display for your business online. Choose from:
  • The Urban – deep russets and browns
  • Byron – light, airy, and pastel
  • Flamingo – on the red side of the colour spectrum; a pop of colour
  • Hinterland – Regal ruby, maroon, with touches of cream
Or you may prefer a bouquet and vessel combo so all the work has been done for you.  Order your corporate, business, and corporate event dried flower arrangements online here now.