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Wabi Projects is an independently run studio forming a body of work that speaks to the home, creating a connection with the people and objects within it.  Launched in late 2018, Wabi projects endeavours to  release limited and collaborative artworks that are affordable for the community.

Using raw materials, be set in the processes of human touch, embracing imperfection that come with handicraft methods.  All work printed on recycled hemp paper sourced from northern India.  Each sheet is made with a mixture of raw & recycled hemp fibres.

The process of developing this paper is delicate in nature, using a chapri grass screen to lay the hemp fibres.The hemp sheets are then dried on a plaster wall and pressed between zinc blocks to finish. This leaves the paper with a unique impression, creating texture throughout.

Each piece is individually printed using non-toxic, water based inks. All printed using a silkscreen process. Leaving an organic appearance as the colour bleeds through the fibres of the hemp sheet.