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We love a celebration of love and we love our planet... that's why we love dried blooms so much.
Make your big day a day of vision and empowered choices. Celebrating love for each other and humanity.
Dried blooms last almost forever and can be gifted and re-gifted... share your wedding flowers to all your bridesmaids and helpers to keep as a memento or decorate your love nest with them. Hey, with a little care and dusting, whose to say your kids can’t use your wedding flowers rejigged on their big day too! And after all this re-purposing, most of our flowers can be composted. 
We work closely with Local Australian farmers and use only seasonal Australian natives. We keep our carbon footprint as small as possible in the shipping process too. No need for refrigeration and electricity to keep them pretty.
Why not fill your big day with all the good feelings and have a sustainable wedding.
we love you dried blooms