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Our Story

At Gather we embrace and draw inspiration from the creative culture and community we find here on the Gold Coast.  We are constantly inspired and motivated by the cleverness, the talent, the fearlessness and raw honesty of the people we meet each day. 

Valuing authenticity and integrity and appreciating and celebrating the imperfect beauty of hand made objects, we 'salute' true craftsmanship!  Being kind to the environment and using sustainable materials along the way is also important.  We worship nature and immerse ourselves in greenery every day.

Wherever we go, we seek artists and craftspeople who produce truly ‘gorgeous’ things and gather them in our shop close to the sea.  A sensuous candle enhances everyday life, as does the lather of a beautifully made soap, the coolness of fine linen or the touch of a soft leather bag that grows in beauty as the seasons go by.  These objects are passed on with love from us to you.






















































Gather with us!

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